Grace Bible Church Missions

Grace Bible Church is a place that values those who take the gospel to others.
We at Grace Bible Church make missions a priority by teaching the importance of sharing the gospel with others; by emphasizing the value of missions in our children and adult ministries, especially the Women's Missionary Fellowship; and by financially and prayerfully supporting individual missionary families and missions organizations as they take the gospel to others.

Grace Bible Church presently supports the following missions families:

James & Renee Vance and family
The Vance's minister with CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) of MI, Inc., Blue Water Chapter, Port Huron, MI.

Franklin & Cheryl Spotts with Francophone Ministries for Christ
This ministry sends evagelistic and medical teams to Burkina Faso, Africa.

Keith & Debbie Rundquist
The Rundquist's are in Chicago serving with an inner-city ministry called Inner City Impact.

Virgil & Lois Reeves
The Reeves' serve with CrossWorld. Virgil is the International Director for Europe & Africa.

Dave & Joy Mueller and family
The Mueller's are serving as directors of the Hope Centers in Kenya, Africa.

Steve & Tanya Hall and family.
The Hall's serve with SEND International at Christian Academy in Japan. They are teaching, administrating, coaching, and mentoring a mix of Christian and non-Christian students in a Christian school environment.

Edgar & Rosann Feghaly
The Feghaly's serve with World Wide New Testament Baptist Missions. While living in the United States, Edgar travels to the Middle East and North Africa to minister to pastors and churches there.

Baptist Children's Home & Family Ministries
Headquartered in Valparaiso, IN, this ministry serves needy children by providing homes with Christian parents & their families. We concentrate our support by primarily helping the branch located in St. Louis, MI.