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01-13-08 The 2007 State of the Church Address
01-20-08 Human Life Has Value
01-27-08 Products of a Man-Centered Ministry
02-03-08 Guest Speaker - Jim Cowells
02-10-08 The 2007 State of the Church Address - Just a Closer Walk with Thee
03-09-08 Three Reasons for Christians to Take Their Kids Out of Public School
03-23-08 Living for Jesus in Light of His Resurrection
03-30-08 Characteristics of Those Who Resist God's Will
04-06-08 Understanding Christian Baptism
04-03-08 When Does Money Become a Problem?
04-20-08 Why I Don't Do Altar Calls
04-27-08 Persevering Under Pressure
05-04-08 A Church That Prays Together Stays Together
05-18-08 Caring Enough to Confront the Apostates Among Us
06-01-08 Guest Speaker - Pastor Kevin Hoffman
06-29-08 Grace, Grace, God's Grace
07-13-08 Clothing Ourselves with Garments of Grace
07-20-08 Fighting the Good Fight
07-27-08 Praying for Others
08-03-08 Guest Speaker - Pastor Al Meredith
08-10-08 Our God Is an Awesome God!
08-17-08 Guest Speaker - Pastor Eric Holmgren
08-24-08 Men and Women in the Church
08-31-08 Church Leader Requirements
09-07-08 Guest Speaker - Paster Kevin Hoffman
09-14-08 Who Do You Say I Am?
10-05-08 The Bible Tells Us How to Respond Appropriately to Other Believers
11-02-08 Guest Speaker - Pastor Kevin Hoffman
11-09-08 How to Trust God When We Have Hard Times
11-16-08 Recognizing False Teachers
11-30-08 Guest Speaker - Lyle Thompson
12-14-08 God Is in Control
12-21-08 Where Would We Be Without the Virgin Birth?
12-28-08 Living for Jesus, a Life That Is True

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